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| 2009/04/16 00:00

The Return of Bogotá

With civil conflict easing, and the cultural, culinary and nightlife scenes sexed up, Bogotá is emerging as an attractive destination for the first time in decades.

The Return of Bogotá

Located nearly two miles high in the verdant Andes, the Colombian capital may be shrouded by balmy mountain mists, but it's shaking off a long period of isolation to reveal a sophisticated tableau of art, architecture and action. Cartagena — the UNESCO-lauded seafront town an hour's flight north of Bogotá — used to be the only place visited by many of Colombia's 2 million annual tourists. But Bogotá's beefed-up security means that visitors are no longer bypassing the capital in a hurry to get to the beach. Travel warnings still urge caution, but for visitors taking proper safeguards, a trip to Bogotá is finally on the cards.
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