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| 2009/04/17 00:00

Abandoned in the jungle – the deadliest drug lord

Apr 17 -- Daniel Rendon Herrera once had his own army. This week, police found him cowering under a palm tree. Guy Adams reports

Abandoned in the jungle – the deadliest drug lord

They called him "Don Mario," and he was one of the most wanted men in the world: the head of a ruthless crime empire that carried out 3,000 murders in the past 18 months and smuggled hundreds of tonnes of cocaine, with a street value of tens of millions of dollars, from his native Colombia each year.

Yet when police finally caught up with Daniel Rendon Herrera, a former right-wing paramilitary who rose to become Colombia's most feared drug lord, all his trappings of wealth and private armies had melted away. He was found cowering under a palm tree. Police said he "looked like a dog."
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