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| 2010/07/07 00:00

Aerial attack kills 13 Farc rebels in Colombia

July 7--Colombia's armed forced have killed 13 guerrillas - including two leaders - in an air raid, officials say., 118988

Aerial attack kills 13 Farc rebels in Colombia

he Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc) rebels were trying to retake a strategic mountain area near the Caribbean coast when they were hit.

Intelligence officials said the operation had been ordered by the Farc's number two leader, Ivan Marquez, believed to be in Venezuela.

Colombia's President Alvaro Uribe said the operation was a "message" to him.

Images of the bombardment showed a swathe of jungle flattened and blackened, where the planes of the Colombian air force had bombed a Farc camp in the Montes de Maria area, in the Caribbean province of Bolivar.
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