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| 2010/08/17 00:00

Air crash 'miracle' for Colombia as plane breaks up

August 17--Survivors have been telling how a Colombian airliner broke into three on landing yet all but one of the 131 people on board escaped death.

Air crash 'miracle' for Colombia as plane breaks up

The Boeing 737 crashed as it came into land during a storm on the Caribbean island of San Andres.

In what officials called a miracle, the aircraft's engines shut down on impact and its fuselage did not catch fire.

A honeymooner spoke of seeing the plane split near his seat, then walking away from the wreck with his wife.

"It was very surreal, like science fiction," Alejandro Murillo Pedrosa told BBC World Service.

Passengers were scattered over the end of the runway and at least 119 people were hurt, some seriously. The only death was that of a woman, believed to have been 68, who suffered a heart attack on her way to hospital.
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