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| 2009/06/01 00:00

Álvaro Uribe, otra vez? Colombia's re-election debate

Jun 01 -- A decision by Colombia’s president to alter the constitution and run for a third term would have momentous political consequences, says Adam Isacson of the Center for International Policy.

Álvaro Uribe, otra vez? Colombia's re-election debate

The 10 May 2009 edition of Colombia's most-circulated weekly news-magazine, Semana, had a very unusual front-cover. Instead of the usual photos of politicians or recent events, it consisted of a poster-style declaration: four words in large type on a yellow background - No a la Reelección.

For the twenty-year-old magazine to affirm an editorial position on its cover could only mean that an occasion of great political gravity was involved. This is the prospect that Colombia's President Álvaro Uribe might seek to campaign for re-election for a third term in May 2010, when his current period in office expires. This would require Colombia once more to change its constitution, as it did to allow Uribe - who took office in August 2002 - to run for a second term in 2006.
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