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Army Kills 7 FARC Guerrillas in Colombia

Nov 3--Army troops killed seven suspected Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, guerrillas and wounded three others in the southern province of Guaviare over the weekend, the Armed Forces General Command said.

Army Kills 7 FARC Guerrillas in Colombia

The fighting took place around Pueblo Nuevo, a village in Guaviare.

The killing of the seven rebels, who belonged to the FARC’s Manuela Beltran unit, dismantled “a logistics node” involved in drug trafficking, the Armed Forces General Command said.

The wounded guerrillas were given first aid at the scene and later taken to hospitals.

FARC guerrillas, meanwhile, threw a grenade at soldiers who were at a park in the southwestern town of Toribio, wounding six people, Colombian television reported.

The rebels threw the grenade Saturday at the soldiers, but it landed in the back yard of a house, eyewitnesses said.

Several people were playing a board game in the back of the house when they heard something land in the yard, a relative of one of the people wounded in the attack said.

The grenade exploded in the back yard, wounding five adults and a child.

Three of the people are listed in serious condition from shrapnel wounds.
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