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| 2010/04/27 00:00

Arrest order strains Colombia-Ecuador relations

April 27--An arrest warrant issued by a court in Ecuador for Colombian presidential hopeful Juan Manuel Santos threatens to derail the normalization of diplomatic ties, Colombia's leader Alvaro Uribe said on Tuesday.

Arrest order strains Colombia-Ecuador relations

Santos, running on a platform of continuing Uribe's market-friendly policies, is in second place behind former Bogota mayor Antanas Mockus, according to the latest poll. The election will be held on May 30.

On Monday, Ecuador's Sucumbios Provincial Court upheld a warrant for Santos' arrest for his role in a 2008 bombing raid against Colombian rebels who had set up camp on Ecuador's side of the border. Santos was Uribe's defense minister at the time.

"This is very serious," Uribe said in a local radio interview. "We have made every effort to advance the reestablishment of relations with Ecuador and we will continue doing so, but this decision by the Ecuadorean courts affects that process."
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