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| 2009/06/02 00:00

Canada now Colombia's top trade target

Jun 02 -- Politicians from Bogota lobby for free-trade pact, but rights activists plan effort to thwart it 'It will give a message to Colombians ... that Canada supports a government that violates human rights'

Canada now Colombia's top trade target

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe insists he has slashed the homicide rate in his country, put guerrillas on the defensive and is prosecuting paramilitaries, but he can't shake the ghost of Jorge Dario Hoyos Franco.

The prominent union leader was gunned down near his home southeast of Bogota on March 3, 2001, a year before Uribe was elected to his first of two terms in power. This week, the union leader's daughter stalked the halls of Parliament Hill in a bid to stop Canada from signing a free trade agreement with Uribe's government.
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