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| 2010/08/12 00:00

Car bomb rocks Colombian capital

August 12--A suspected car bomb has exploded near the studios of a major radio station in the north of the Colombian capital, Bogota.

Car bomb rocks Colombian capital

The blast damaged the office block housing Caracol Radio, blowing out the windows of nearby buildings and cars.

It was not clear if the radio station was the target of the explosion, which left at least nine people injured.

President Juan Manuel Santos, who took office at the weekend, described the blast as a "cowardly terrorist act".
"Their only aim is to sow fear and that they will not achieve," he told reporters after visiting the scene on Thursday morning. "We will continue to fight terrorism."

Television pictures showed a bus with shattered windows and panicked residents in the streets following the explosion, which happened at around 0530 (1130 GMT), as the Caracol Radio morning show began.
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