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Chained in the Colombian Jungle

September 27--The FARC's most famous hostage, Ingrid Betancourt, tells FP what six-and-a-half years of captivity in the jungle felt like.

Chained in the Colombian Jungle

In the deepest jungles of Colombia on Sept. 22, one of South America's most notorious guerrilla warriors was killed along with two dozen of his followers. Mono Jojoy, a man President Juan Manuel Santos has called "the symbol of terror in Colombia" and the second in command of Colombia's infamous FARC terrorist group, had a lot of blood on his hands -- perhaps more than any other Colombian rebel leader -- from his decades of fighting. Among his best-known brutalities was the 2002 kidnapping of presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt. It took six and a half years, and one of the most complex military operations in Colombia's history, to free Betancourt and her fellow captives in 2008.
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