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| 2010/08/09 00:00

Chávez and Santos summit could reset Venezuelan-Colombian ties

August 9--Hugo Chávez will meet new Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos tomorrow to take first step towards restoring relations

Chávez and Santos summit could reset Venezuelan-Colombian ties

Hugo Chávez and his new counterpart in Columbia, Juan Manuel Santos, are to meet tomorrow to defuse a diplomatic crisis over allegations that Venezuela is harbouring Colombian guerrillas.

The two leaders agreed to talks to try to end a festering dispute which has poisoned relations between their countries and rattled the rest of South America.

The rapprochement followed Santos's inauguration on Saturday and raised hopes that diplomatic ties and cross-border trade would be revived even if the main issue – whether Caracas has been aiding Colombia's rebels – remained unresolved.

The apparent breakthrough was overshadowed today by the new Colombaian vice-president's heart attack just two days into the job. Doctors said Angelino Garzón, 64, was conscious and stable and awaiting emergency surgery.
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