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| 2010/07/22 00:00

Chavez Breaks Ties With Colombia Over Rebel Charges

July 22--Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez severed ties with Colombia after facing accusations he’s harboring as many as many 87 guerrilla camps that are used to smuggle cocaine and launch terrorist attacks across the border.

Chavez Breaks Ties With Colombia Over Rebel Charges

At a special meeting today of the Organization of American States, Colombia’s government presented photos of a rebel commander drinking a bottle of Venezuela’s Polar beer and other evidence it says indicates the presence of as many as 1,500 guerrillas inside the neighboring country.
Chavez, speaking on state television, rejected the accusations and said they were motivated by outgoing President Alvaro Uribe’s desire to provoke a war. He said he hopes to improve already strained ties when President-elect Juan Manuel Santos takes office Aug. 7, though expressed doubt that Uribe’s former defense minister will adopt a less belligerent stance.
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