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| 2009/02/17 00:00

China Names Colombia Official Tourism Destination

Feb 17 -- Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping announced Monday that Beijing had officially named Colombia a tourist destination for its citizens and signed with his Colombian counterpart Francisco Santos several bilateral cooperation accords.

China Names Colombia Official Tourism Destination

During his speech to businessmen and journalists from both countries in a Bogota hotel, Xi said that China will continue urging its "powerful companies" to invest in the South American nation, adding that Beijing would also welcome greater Colombian investment.

China "officially declared Colombia to be a tourist destination for its citizens, which besides favoring the development of tourist cooperation will also contribute to the strengthening of binational economic-commercial cooperation through the broadening of contacts among (both nations') citizens," he said.

Xi added that his three-day visit to Colombia served to firm up, starting now, a series of measures to allow dynamic economic cooperation between the countries.
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