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| 2010/08/18 00:00

Colombia Court Halts U.S. Accord Behind Regional Spat

August 18--Colombia’s Constitutional Court blocked an accord that grants U.S. armed forces access to several military bases in the country because it wasn’t approved by the legislature.

Colombia Court Halts U.S. Accord Behind Regional Spat

The court, in a 6-3 decision last night, said the agreement is not covered by any international treaty, as former President Alvaro Uribe had argued. The year-old agreement to allow U.S. personnel and equipment inside seven bases prompted Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to freeze trade with Colombia and order troops to their shared border.

The Colombian government will respect the court’s ruling, Defense Minister Rodrigo Rivera said in a written statement. The statement didn’t say whether the government would seek to ratify the accord in congress, though it “reiterated the fundamental importance” of several decades of U.S. support in the country’s fight against terrorism and drug trafficking.
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