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| 2009/01/08 00:00

Colombia encourages rebels to desert with hostages

Jan 8 -- Colombia is trying to convince more rank-and-file leftist guerrillas to help hostages escape, after one rebel released a businessman who had been held 20 months for ransom, officials said on Thursday.

Colombia encourages rebels to desert with hostages

A guerrilla identified as Miriam deserted the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, this month while assigned to guard kidnap victim Juan Fernando Samudio in a secret camp in the mountainous central part of the country.

Miriam will get a government reward and not be charged for her crimes. Colombia says it benefits from intelligence provided by demobilized rebels, so the state is encouraging more desertions.

"We will offer the same benefits to others who follow her example," Defence Minister Juan Manuel Santos told reporters.

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