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| 2009/05/13 00:00

Colombia Freezes Former Hostage’s Assets

May 13 -- A Colombian politician held hostage by leftist rebels for more than six years had his assets frozen for nonpayment of a tax while he was in captivity, the press reported on Tuesday.

Colombia Freezes Former Hostage’s Assets

The Dian tax and customs agency reported that Orlando Beltran was a debtor in arrears on his payments, according to the Web edition of Bogota daily El Tiempo, which went on to say that the debt was for a special surtax to finance the security forces.

The former lawmaker eventually came to owe the state 14 million pesos ($6,304), including interest.

“This is the most cynical thing ever because it was precisely because of the lack of security that they kidnapped me,” Beltran told El Tiempo’s correspondent in the erstwhile captive’s native province of Huila.
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