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| 2009/04/16 00:00

Colombia rebels announce hostage release

Apr 16 -- The Colombian Marxist guerrilla group FARC announced Thursday it is releasing a soldier it has held hostage for more than 10 years, a Colombian senator who has brokered previous releases said on her Web page.

Colombia rebels announce hostage release

No date was given for the release of Pablo Emilio Moncayo, an army corporal taken hostage in December 1997. Recent previous releases, though, occurred more than two months after the announcement.

The FARC, the Spanish acronym for Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, said it would release Moncayo to a delegation headed by Sen. Piedad Cordoba and the hostage's father, Gustavo Moncayo.

Cordoba negotiated with the FARC for six hostages set free in February.
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