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| 2010/03/24 00:00

Colombia rebels ready for hostage release

March 24--Colombian guerrillas will release the first of two hostage soldiers on Saturday after the army temporarily halts operations in the area where they will be freed, a senator mediating with rebels said on Tuesday.

Colombia rebels ready for hostage release

The FARC, or Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, plans to release two of the 24 police and soldiers it holds to Senator Piedad Cordoba and the Red Cross who will fly into the country's southern jungles in Brazilian helicopters.

"Everything is ready for the Red Cross to communicate with Brazil and for the handover operation to go ahead this Saturday," Cordoba said in a message on her Twitter page.

Pablo Emilio Moncayo, held for more than 12 years, and Josue Daniel Calvo, were to be freed a year ago, but the handover was delayed as rebels and President Alvaro Uribe's government squabbled over conditions for their release.
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