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| 2010/09/14 00:00

Colombia refugee claimant must choose: deportation or sanctuary

September 14--With her deportation to Colombia set for this morning, failed refugee claimant Gloria Patricia Uribe had to choose: Return home with her daughters and face the wrath of vengeance-seeking paramilitary groups, or seek sanctuary in a Montreal church.

Colombia refugee claimant must choose: deportation or sanctuary

Uribe did not show up for a demonstration on her behalf yesterday because she felt "drained" by the prospect of deportation and fears paramilitary groups her family defied will seek to harm her, supporters said.

As of last night, it was not possible to determine which path she had opted for, but at a news conference on Tuesday Uribe, 43, said she was considering seeking sanctuary in a church should all other options fail.

Yesterday, about 25 demonstrators, chanting "protection, not deportation" paraded in front of Citizenship and Immigration offices on St. Antoine St., which is also home to the Canada Border Services Agency that executes removal orders.

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