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| 2010/02/10 00:00

Colombia says U.S. committed to anti-drug help

Feb 10--The U.S. remains committed to helping Colombia fight drug trafficking and a planned $55 million cut in aid won't undermine cooperation between Washington and its top ally in Latin America, Colombia's defense minister said on Wednesday.

Colombia says U.S. committed to anti-drug help

During a conference call in Washington, Defense Minister Gabriel Silva told journalists that a high-ranking State Department official assured him the reduction in aid was part of across-the-board belt-tightening in U.S. President Barack Obama's 2011 budget proposal.
"This doesn't mean a change in policy or it's a sign of distancing with Colombia. On the contrary," Silva said.

"We expect the quality and the role of the U.S. cooperation with Colombia won't be reduced and that is what we were told here in Washington."
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