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| 2010/04/28 00:00

Colombia seeks to broaden Israel ties

April 28--Colombian Foreign Minister Jaime Bermudez, on his first visit to Israel, is keen to broaden bilateral relations between his country and Israel at all levels.

Colombia seeks to broaden Israel ties

He emphasized this several times at a meeting on Wednesday with President Shimon Peres whom he told that he was reading 'Start-Up Nation', the story of Israel's economic miracle by Dan Senor and Saul Singer. He found the book inspirational, and said he was "learning a lot".

It would be good for Israel and Colombia to join forces and come out together with a project for innovation and entrepreneurship, he suggested.

There was an instant chemistry between Bermudez and Peres who commented favorably on the state of both civilian and military relations between the two countries, saying that Israel would happily do all that was required to enhance that relationship.

Peres also expressed appreciation for what Colombia is doing in its struggle against terrorism, and noted the damage that had been perpetrated by terrorists.
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