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| 2010/04/23 00:00

Colombia spy chief works to clean up agency

April 23--Director Felipe Muñoz plans to break up and rename the scandal-ridden DAS, which incorporates domestic and foreign intelligence and also immigration and borders.

Colombia spy chief works to clean up agency

Seldom has an intelligence agency fallen so deeply into disrepute as Colombia's Department of Administrative Security, or DAS, a hybrid CIA- FBI-Homeland Security entity. Its officials have been accused of placing illegal wiretaps, conducting smear campaigns and even conspiring to commit murder.

This month, a prosecutor said he had proof that a DAS team had spied on public figures with the knowledge of officials in President Alvaro Uribe's office. (Uribe, who favors dismantling DAS, denies the charges.)
But it is only the latest blow. Two of the last four DAS directors have been sent to jail. Names of DAS operatives surfaced recently in connection with the assassinations of presidential candidates two decades ago. U.S. Ambassador William Brownfield said last week that U.S. assistance to DAS was being suspended indefinitely.
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