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| 2009/02/05 00:00

Colombia swaps violence for violins

Feb 05 -- Back in 1999, when Medellín was known as the most violent city in the world, no-fee music schools began popping up in the poorest and most crime-ravaged barrios.

Colombia swaps violence for violins

These were part of the Amadeus Foundation, a social initiative where children are encouraged to sing, play instruments and appreciate classical music. According to its choir director, John Fredy Noreña, once you put a violin in the hands of a child and teach them how to play, they will never pick up a gun.
We bring classical music to children who would otherwise never be able to access it. With the help of the local mayor and private donors and businesses, we work in 27 marginalised neighbourhoods across Medellín. There we have set up free music schools that provide high-quality music education, run by dedicated teachers who are often picked from top conservatoires.
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