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| 2010/01/22 00:00

Colombia thanks Ecuador for help in fighting FARC

Jan 22--Colombian President Alvaro Uribe thanked Ecuador Thursday for its cooperation in the battle against leftist FARC guerrillas in the border region, where separate military operations in recent days by the two countries have left 12 rebels dead.

Colombia thanks Ecuador for help in fighting FARC

“I want to thank the Ecuadorian government for the effort it has made recently in the border area, neutralizing some FARC terrorists,” the conservative head of state told Cali’s Radio Calidad.

He said the neighboring country’s actions are helping “a great deal” in the fight against the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, which is on both the U.S. and EU lists of terrorist groups and depends on drug trafficking, extortion and kidnapping-for-ransom as the main means of financing its operations.

Colombian Defense Minister Gabriel Silva sent a similar message to the Ecuadorian government, expressing gratitude in a press conference “for that presence and for that determination that President (Rafael) Correa also showed (on Wednesday).”
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