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| 2008/11/11 00:00

Colombian army stands accused over civilian deaths

Nov 12 -- The families trudge down the mountain frightened and ragged, mostly on foot, sometimes on mules, seeking sanctuary from a conflict without end. The Sierra de Perijá, a range of peaks straddling Colombia's border with Venezuela, is an escape route through tropical forest for those fleeing Colombia's four-decade-old civil war.

Colombian army stands accused over civilian deaths

"They kill in broad daylight," said Juan, 38, a farmer who recently crossed over with his wife and three children. He shaped his hand into a pistol. "They line people up and shoot them. One by one: pang, pang, pang."

When it comes to murder in Colombia, "they" can refer to any number of organisations: leftist guerrillas, right-wing militias, government security forces. All have committed atrocities.

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