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A Colombian city that's gone to the dogs

Feb 19--An estimated 30,000 stray dogs roam the streets of Mosquera, a suburb of Bogota, Colombia's capital. The mayor's order to 'capture and kill' has led to efforts to raise funds for a dog pound.

A Colombian city that's gone to the dogs

Listening to yet another constituent complain about the thousands of neglected, scruffy mutts that prowl the streets of his town, Mosquera Mayor Luis Alvaro Rincon went ballistic. "A street dog," he ground out, "is a dead dog."

His fist pumping and voice rising as applause at the community gathering grew, he said, "It's an order. Round them up and kill them!"

Rincon's exasperation last summer was in some ways understandable. This suburb of Bogota has long been a dumping ground for canines whose owners are too uninterested or financially strapped to care for them. Now there may be 30,000 stray dogs here and in two adjoining suburbs, Madrid and Vaca.

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