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| 2009/01/05 00:00

Colombian ex-cartel city revived

Jan 5 -- Fifteen years ago Pablo Escobar, the head of the Medellin drug cartel, was killed as he tried to flee across a rooftop in what officials say was the most dangerous city in the world.

Colombian ex-cartel city revived

But today Medellin is a boomtown that is safer than some US cities and has tourists queuing up to learn about its violent past.

The "Pablo Escobar" tour starts in the lobby of a swish hotel in the fashionable El Poblado district of Medellin.

There are Colombians and foreigners, among the latter Phil Chanel, who works for a leading UK travel company setting up the infrastructure for a major influx of British tourists.

"As it is becoming more secure, it is somewhere we are looking to promote more to our clients," said Mr Chanel.

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