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| 2009/04/02 00:00

Colombian Fritzl 'fathered eight with daughter'

Apr 02 -- A Colombian man has been accused of sexually abusing his daughter from a young age and fathering eight children with her in the latest of a series of incest cases that have appalled the world.

Colombian Fritzl 'fathered eight with daughter'

Arcebio Alvarez, 58, abused his daughter from the age of 10 after she was left alone in his care when her mother died, the 35-year-old woman has told police. He fathered three boys and five girls with her, aged from 1 to 19. All the children have been removed from the family home and are now in the care of the state.

Mr Alvarez denies the claims, saying the woman is not his biological daughter.
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