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| 2009/03/17 00:00

Colombian General: Mexico's Drug Wars 'Will Intensify'

Mar 17 -- The drug wars in Mexico "will intensify," says the head of Colombia's anti-narcotics police, Gen. Álvaro Caro. "It's going to get worse," Caro said during an exclusive interview about the wave of drug violence in Mexico. "The Mexican cartels are very structured, well armed and organized, and have the power to corrupt."

Colombian General: Mexico's Drug Wars 'Will Intensify'

Last year alone, 5,400 people were murdered in the surge in drug violence in Mexico. Caro calls it "narco-terrorism," and says it is "the price you pay for taking on the cartels."

It also results from changes made by Colombian drug kingpins to their transporting routes. Shipping cocaine to the United States by air has become more difficult and risky in recent years, argues Caro, leading Colombian drug barons to look for new ways of transporting their merchandise. They decided on Central America as a trans-shipment point.

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