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Colombian Journalist Heads to Europe After Dodging Rebel Attack

Oct 13--A former rebel hostage, who hosts an acclaimed radio program through which he works to end kidnapping in Colombia, flew to Spain Monday on the recommendation of authorities and family members who asked him to leave the country after a FARC plan to assassinate him was thwarted.

Colombian Journalist Heads to Europe After Dodging Rebel Attack

In a telephone conversation with Efe, Herbin Hoyos Medina said that he was scheduled to travel next week to lead a motorcycle caravan through several European countries, but had to leave sooner than expected.

“I had to go to Europe because of the caravan and was leaving next week, but now I have to go sooner because of the situation here. I’m going to Spain and then to France,” he said.

Hoyos earlier described to Efe how Colombian authorities ruined the FARC’s planned assassination attempt.

Hoyos said he had to flee last Thursday from a place north of Bogota, where he was leading a motorcycle caravan to dramatize the plight of rebel hostages, after being alerted by the authorities of the plot against him.

“In Usaquen Park I got a call from the security chief of Caracol (Radio) alerting me to a risky situation,” Hoyos said, recalling that when he left the place on his motorcycle, his escorts, who were riding in an SUV, were crashed into by a truck, but he managed to escape, he said.

Hoyos escaped on his motorcycle to a place safe enough to contact members of military intelligence, who confirmed the plan of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, to kill him.
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