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| 2009/06/19 00:00

Colombian Law to Aid Conflict Victims Labeled Discriminatory

Jun 19 -- Colombian opposition politicians and human rights groups said Wednesday that a bill passed this week to provide financial compensation to victims of Colombia’s decades-long internal conflict is a “step backward” because it discriminates against those who have suffered the consequences of state terrorism.

Colombian Law to Aid Conflict Victims Labeled Discriminatory

The original sponsor of the so-called Victims’ Law, Liberal lawmaker Guillermo Rivera, told reporters he was frustrated by the bill passed Tuesday night in the lower house.

One of the most controversial provisions of the legislation – passed with the support of allies of conservative President Alvaro Uribe – is one that recognizes that state agents can be rights abusers; but compensation will only be paid if the agent was acting in the line of duty and has already been convicted in court.
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