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| 2010/08/02 00:00

Colombian Rebel Leader Proposes Talks With Santos

August 2--The leader of Colombia’s largest rebel group proposed talks with the country’s incoming government while accusing President-elect Juan Manuel Santos of corruption and ties to drug traffickers.

Colombian Rebel Leader Proposes Talks With Santos

“We should talk,” Alfonso Cano, chief of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, said in a video posted on an affiliated website. “We are still dedicated to looking for political exits. We hope that the government will reflect, that it won’t deceive the country anymore.”

Cano’s message is his first public reaction to the election of Santos, who as defense minister under President Alvaro Uribe delivered some of the biggest blows against the group known as the FARC, including a 2008 air strike in Ecuador that killed Raul Reyes, the guerillas’ No.2 leader. Cano, who is in hiding, became the group’s chief two years ago following the death of FARC founder Manuel Marulanda.
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