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| 2009/05/26 00:00

Colombian refugees in Ecuador brought `out of invisibility'

May 26 -- As millions fleeing civil strife come to Ecuador, the government is working to fast-track the asylum process for refugees.

Colombian refugees in Ecuador brought `out of invisibility'

José Nelo remembers all too well the rainy night three months ago when he fled his home in Colombia, taking with him only his family and a small handbag. Armed men entered their home, murdered his brother and threatened to kill the rest of the family if they did not vacate the town within 48 hours.

''We had no choice but to leave fast. It didn't matter that we didn't know where we would go. They were going to kill us,'' said Nelo, standing on a plank in front of the tiny thatched shack his family has recently made home.
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