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| 2009/12/01 00:00

Colombian Warlord Shows Up at Hearing with $100K for Victims

Dec 1--Colombian warlord and drug kingpin Daniel Rendon Herrera showed up Monday for a judicial hearing with 200 million pesos ($100,000) in “reparations” for his victims.

Colombian Warlord Shows Up at Hearing with $100K for Victims

“Don Mario,” as he is known, was arrested in April. He and brother Freddy Rendon formerly led an outfit affiliated with the AUC militia federation.

Daniel Rendon, who appeared at the Attorney General’s Office in Bogota to answer questions, also announced that he was surrendering a clinic and three ranches in the southern province of Guaviare.

The defendant, who has expressed a willingness to cooperate with authorities, said one of the properties alone might be worth $15 million.

The government seized assets from Rendon worth more than $100 million several months ago in various provinces.

Officials describe Don Mario as one of the most feared and powerful drug traffickers in Colombia since Medellin cartel founder Pablo Escobar, who was killed in a 1993 shootout with police.
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