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| 2009/04/28 00:00

Colombian Writer Suspects Army Behind Home Invasion

Apr 28 -- An author whose home was invaded by six armed men in search of “information” said he suspects elements of the Colombian army were involved in the incident.

Colombian Writer Suspects Army Behind Home Invasion

Gustavo Alvarez Gardeazabal, author of the novel “Condores no entierran todos los dias,” among other works, devoted his regular Sunday commentary on Caracol Radio to describing the attack at his house in Tulua, a city in the southwestern province of Valle del Cauca.

A security camera recorded images during the attack last Thursday of the six assailants, who fled in what turned out to be an official army vehicle.

“Sadly, we have to admit that a crime has been committed and I know who carried out the attack on my house,” Alvarez Gardeazabal said.

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