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| 2010/05/14 00:00

Colombians Face Spy, Sabotage Trial in Venezuela

May 14--Five Colombians were transferred to a military court Wednesday to face espionage and sabotage charges after Venezuelan officials accused them of spying on and tampering with the nation's power grid.

Colombians Face Spy, Sabotage Trial in Venezuela

The proceedings will take place at a military tribunal in the northeastern city of Maracay, the state-run ABN news agency said. ABN did not provide additional details such as when it would begin.

Three other Colombians arrested in the same case were released, according to relatives, though it was not clear whether they were absolved of any possible charges.

Military prosecutors have not spoken about the case, but President Hugo Chavez announced last month that the Colombians were arrested as suspected spies. He said several carried documents identifying them as members of the Colombian military.

Officials claim they were photographing power plants, and Chavez said he believed they were involved in an effort to sabotage Venezuela's electrical grid to worsen the country's energy crisis.
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