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Colombia's Capital finds new sense of optimism

Jan 28--Once a byword for kidnappings, bombs and chaos, Bogotá has become one of South America’s most attractive cities for foreigners to live and invest in.

Colombia's Capital finds new sense of optimism

The Colombian capital has a buoyant real estate market, thanks in part to a burgeoning economy and improved security. Also, the lessons learned from a local property crash 10 years ago has helped the country avoid the worst of the global downturn.

“Eight or nine years ago, Bogotá was a scary place to visit,” said Brian Andrews, a television news reporter who once worked in Florida and now anchors an English-language news report here.

Álvaro Uribe, Colombia’s president since 2006, has taken a hard line on security issues and scored notable successes against left-wing guerilla groups in recent years. Although the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, a rebel insurgency, continues to challenge the government — most recently in December with the kidnapping and killing of a southern governor — the capital city, with a population of 6.5 million, has not been affected.

“Now Bogotá feels like it could be a city in the U.S., but with a particular Latin flair,” Mr. Andrews said.
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