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| 2009/04/23 00:00

Colombia's child landmine victims

Apr 23 -- Across Colombia thousands of civilians and members of the armed forces are injured and/or maimed by mines or improvised explosive device (IEDs) every year. The country's two main guerrilla groups, the ELN and FARC, are responsible for planting most of them.

Colombia's child landmine victims

Farc has been known to use home-made IEDs costing $5 a go rather than imported landmines. At the privately owned Integral Rehabilitation Centre in Bogota, 17-year-old IED victim Jonathan Marin Blandon describes the moment his life was changed forever.
It was December 2004 when the accident happened. My brother and I had just finished collecting recyclable bottles and we decided to take a rest on a park bench in the town where I lived. I noticed what looked like a basketball in a plastic bag lying on the bench. I moved the bag along the bench to make space for us to sit down. Then there was a massive explosion, like a bomb or a big grenade going off. I was 12 years old at the time.

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