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| 2010/03/30 00:00

Colombia's FARC rebels release captive held 12 years

March 30--The release of army Cpl. Pablo Emilio Moncayo and that of a private two days earlier raises hope of a comprehensive captive-prisoner swap between the leftists and the government.

Colombia's FARC rebels release captive held 12 years

Leftist rebels on Tuesday freed one of Colombia's longest-held hostages, an army corporal seized by insurgents when they overran his base in December 1997.

The release of Pablo Emilio Moncayo, 31, came two days after rebels freed Pvt. Josue Daniel Calvo in Meta state. Calvo, who had been held for 11 months, is being treated in a Bogota military hospital for leg wounds he suffered in a battle at the time of his capture.

The liberation of the pair has raised hope for a comprehensive hostage-prisoner swap between the leftists and the government of President Alvaro Uribe, who is to leave office in August. An exchange has been stalled by the rebels' demand that they take control of two townships and Uribe's that freed guerrillas swear to not return to their ranks.
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