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| 2010/03/16 00:00

Colombia's Future After Uribe

March 16-- On Feb. 26, Colombia's Constitutional Court ruled that President Álvaro Uribe could not seek a third term, thereby putting an end date on the leader's popular eight-year reign.

Colombia's Future After Uribe

The verdict has left Colombia in a state of shock and brings up major questions for its future--including whether this spells the end of the center-right, tough-on-crime brand of politics called Uribismo.
To replace Uribe, analysts currently favor his former defense minister, Juan Manuel Santos, who has a 23 percent lead in the polls. Santos is likely to continue Uribe's crackdown on crime and on the FARC insurgency as well as his orthodox financial policies. No matter who's elected, meanwhile, relations with Colombia's neighbors are bound to improve: Uribe often clashed with über-leftists Rafael Correa of Ecuador and Venezuela's Hugo Chávez.
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