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| 2010/07/19 00:00

Colombia’s Picture-Perfect Beauty Queens

July 19--At first glance, the woman gazing at her reflection in a photograph by Carl Bower looks ecstatic. Eyebrows raised, she grins and reveals two rows of snow-white teeth.

Colombia’s Picture-Perfect Beauty Queens

Her eyes, though, betray a sense of hesitation, and her hands are folded, somewhat unnaturally, behind her back. At her side, a man with a scruffy beard mimics her expression.

The scene (Slide 6) depicts a kind of drama lesson, as the woman learns how to use her facial muscles to convey a sense of pleasant surprise. That way, as a candidate in Colombia’s National Beauty Contest, she’ll know how to act if she is crowned queen.

Beauty pageants have long been part of the culture in Colombia. As much as they’re a reflection of that culture, Mr. Bower said, they also guide and promote it.
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