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| 2009/06/23 00:00

Comfort Teams Wrap it Up in Colombia

Jun 23 -- Teams aboard hospital ship USNS Comfort (T-AH 20) saw their last patients at Max Seidel School June 16 in Tumaco, Colombia at their fifth stop during Continuing Promise 2009 (CP09).

Comfort Teams Wrap it Up in Colombia

"For a community who doesn't have access to a lot of medical care, the services we've provided alongside host nation personnel have made a tremendous impression," said Air Force Maj. Efrain Delvalle, Comfort pharmacist. "These people are extremely grateful for our efforts across the board."

The site provided the people of Tumaco with every medical service Comfort has brought to the mission. Optometry, dental, adult medicine, pediatrics, dermatology and pharmaceutical services were among those offered to name a few.
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