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| 2008/11/27 00:00

Comment: Canada's not safe for women? Try Colombia

Nov 27 -- My wife comes from a country where just about every working class family can name someone in their extended ranks who’s been murdered.

Comment: Canada's not safe for women? Try Colombia

United Nations statistics suggest assassins cut down between 50 and 80 people out of every 100,000 in Colombia each year --- compared to less than two per 100,000 in Canada.
And good luck getting Colombian police to properly investigate a murder unless you can pay them under the table.

So when my wife arrived in Canada in 1996, she was astounded not only at how safe the country is, but how fair are its institutions. Even the least affluent Canadian has real rights – not ones marked only on paper, as is often the case for the poor in Colombia and many other developing countries.

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