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| 2010/09/27 00:00

Dutch woman may be among dead in Colombia clashes

September 27--Colombian officials were Monday investigating if one of the guerrillas killed in a bunker with rebel military leader Jorge Briceno Suarez was a Dutch woman who joined the militia years ago.

Dutch woman may be among dead in Colombia clashes

The head of the country's forensics authority said a representative of the Dutch embassy was expected to bring dental records for Tanja Nijmeijer, 32, to the agency on Monday.

Nijmeijer joined the FARC rebels several years ago after working as a teacher in Colombia. Media reports from May 2010 indicated she was believed to be working as Briceno's personal assistant.

"She's one of the most fascinating figures in our long war, present at many of its critical junctures over the last decade," Leon Valencia, a former guerrilla and the author of a book about Nijmeijer, told the New York Times.
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