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Ecuador-Colombia Security Talks Suspended

Oct 16--Ecuador said Thursday that Colombia suspended an upcoming meeting of the bilateral Security Commission, citing an Ecuadorian investigation of Bogota’s armed forces chief.

Ecuador-Colombia Security Talks Suspended

Friday’s meeting in the Ecuadorian city of Ibarra has been called off, Ecuadorian Security Minister Miguel Carvajal told Efe.

The Colombian government on Wednesday proposed that Quito suspend the meeting in light of Gen. Freddy Padilla’s inclusion in an Ecuadorian judicial case over Colombia’s March 2008 bombing of a FARC guerrilla camp inside Ecuador.

“The entire meeting is suspended,” Carvajal said, adding that the reason was “the judge’s decision ... to seek preventive detention in the investigation of the chief of Colombia’s military forces.”

“If the chief of the armed forces has to come to a meeting and faces a preventive detention order, how is he going to come? Carvajal said.

A new date has not been set for the Security Commission meeting, the minister said.

Padilla was included in the Angostura case, as the March 1, 2008, Colombian military attack that killed Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, second-in-command Raul Reyes at a camp inside Ecuador is known.
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