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| 2008/11/21 00:00

Editorial: Pass the Colombia free trade pact

Nov 21 -- Time is running out on a fast-tracked Colombia free trade agreement, largely because of pre-election stalling tactics by congressional opponents. The best argument they have mustered is that Colombia still needs to improve its human rights record, particularly regarding attacks on trade unionists.

Editorial: Pass the Colombia free trade pact

That's a fair argument in a free-trade debate, since the oppression of organized labor unfairly helps corporations keep production costs low and undercut their U.S. competitors. But in the case of Colombia, it's an argument whose time has passed.

Make no mistake; Colombia still has much room for improvement. But a sustained campaign of U.S. engagement has undeniably transformed that country. A free trade accord is the surest way to keep Colombia engaged and moving in the right direction.

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