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Escobar's Son Seeks Atonement For Father's Sins

Dec 10--Pablo Escobar, who led Colombia's Medellin cocaine cartel, was once the world's most wanted man. At the height of his power in the 1980s, he killed politicians and policemen and ordered an airliner blown out of the sky. With U.S. help, the Colombian police finally hunted him down.

Escobar's Son Seeks Atonement For Father's Sins

Sixteen years after Escobar's death, the families of his victims haven't forgotten about him. And neither has Escobar's only son, whose story is told in a new documentary film that opens Dec. 10 in Colombia and then in January at the Sundance Film Festival.

The son, who lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, says that he wants to atone for the sins of his father.

Sebastian Marroquin is 32, portly, with a shock of curly hair. He looks a lot like his father, Escobar, whom Forbes magazine once called the world's seventh-richest man.

Escobar is also the man remembered in Colombia as the personification of evil and who, in the documentary Sins of My Father, rants and makes frequent threats; in one instance, pledging to unleash a war on Colombia's elite. Among those he ordered assassinated was popular presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galan, in 1989.

These are the memories Marroquin has lived with since changing his name from Juan Pablo Escobar and fleeing Colombia in 1994.
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