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Ex-hostage Betancourt 'will not sue' Colombian state

July 12--Former Colombian politician Ingrid Betancourt, held by Farc rebels for six years, has insisted she will not sue the Colombian state for damages.

Ex-hostage Betancourt 'will not sue' Colombian state

Ms Betancourt was speaking after a wave of criticism in Colombia over reports that she was seeking $6.8m (£4.5m) in damages for her time as a hostage.

Her aim in filing for compensation was to help other ex-hostages, she said.

Officials voiced surprise at her move, noting that troops risked their lives to rescue her in 2008.

Vice-President Francisco Santos said Betancourt had won "the world prize for ingratitude".

In an interview with Colombia's Caracol TV and radio on Sunday, Ms Betancourt said she never wanted to attack those who freed her.

"I love Colombia's military. I love my country," she said.
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