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Experience the new Bogota

Jan 6--Colombian capital has worked hard to refurbish its negative reputation

Experience the new Bogota

Braving Bogota turned out to be a cinch. One of the world's most notorious cities is living down its reputation as a danger zone. Tourists are attracted by the Colombian capital's colonial history, magnificent public spaces, Latin dance and bargain-priced emeralds.

This city of more than seven million people -- the fourth-largest in South America -- is becoming accessible and mainstream. It is the commercial, cultural and industrial capital of Colombia, and to balance the impact of its fast and furious growth, Bogota's city fathers are working to create a somewhat kinder and gentler place.

Once known for its chaotic traffic, crime and pollution, Bogota gradually is becoming a model for people-friendly urban sustainability in the developing world. Wide sidewalks are shaded by trees, extensive parks have sports, live music, poetry and jazz festivals, urban bicycle lanes make up one of the world's most comprehensive networks, and efficient buses called the Transmilenio criss-cross the city.
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