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| 2010/02/15 00:00

Five dead after Colombian rebels ambush candidate

Feb 15--Five people were killed and four wounded after Colombian FARC guerrillas ambushed and attempted to kidnap a candidate for a governor's post in a southern province, authorities said on Sunday.

Five dead after Colombian rebels ambush candidate

The attack underscored the vulnerability of politicians in rural Colombia despite the progress made by President Alvaro Uribe's U.S.-backed security drive to defeat Latin America's oldest-surviving leftist insurgency.

Police said rebels attacked a convoy transporting Jose Alberto Perez, a Conservative Party candidate for the Guaviare province governorship in a special February 28 election organized after the previous governor was forced to step down.

Perez was wounded when rebels opened fire in a roadside ambush that killed four police bodyguards and another person, police said.
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